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Plumbing Clamps

Plumbing clamps are useful pipe support structures for plumbing systems, whether in residential, commercial or industrial settings. Plumbing systems with poor pipe support will make some annoying sounds from their pipe lines every time the valves are opened or closed abruptly. Fixing the problem is not only bothersome but expensive as well.

Plumbing clamps are designed to secure the pipe line firmly against a support beam, wall or other structures. One will find a wide range of plumbing clamps in the market made from high-grade materials and in different sizes and shapes. Every plumber or homeowner will certainly find the right pipe support system that suits their needs and purposes.

Types of plumbing clamps

There are several types of plumbing clamps available in the market, each with its own distinct feature and purpose.

  • Split two-hole flat clamps
    These are popularly known as standard clamps which are used in supporting pipes along studs or joists and in attaching tubing on wooden or metal surfaces.
  • Split two-hole high-eared clamps
    Also widely known as suspension clamps, these plumbing clamps are used in securing pipes running across joists as well as insulating those that pass through studs or joists.
  • Flat two-hole clamps
    These refer to pipe clamps which provide excellent grip because of their design. They are engineered to be able to adapt to a wide range of pipe sizes so the pipes do not vibrate.
  • Snap-in clamps
    Snap-in clamps have become increasingly popular due to their versatility as they can be attached to almost any surface with just one fastener. These plumbing clamps support horizontal and vertical tubing and swivels up to 360ยบ.
  • Touchdown clamps
    These clamps do a great job in securing pipes of various sizes. They are also UV-resistant and reusable.
  • J-clamps with nails
    These plumbing clamps are effectively used in securing pipes that run vertically or horizontally. They are also employed to fasten tubing on wooden surfaces.
  • Felted clamps
    Felted clamps are similar to pipe clamps except that they are felt-lined to absorb noise.

Cost of plumbing clamps

The price of plumbing clamps depends upon the size, material and type. It also makes a difference whether it is sold in wholesale or retail. Typically, standard clamps cost around $0.33 to $2 per piece; $0.32 to $2 per piece for suspension clamps; $0.22 to $5 per piece for pipe clamps; $14 to $20 per pack of 40 to 200 pieces for snap-in clamps; $6 to $10 per piece for J-clamps with nails; $1 to $2 per piece for touchdown clamps; and $0.60 to $0.90 per piece for felted clamps.

Where to buy plumbing clamps

These are some of the best places to buy plumbing clamps in the U.S.

  • PexUniverse
    196 Henry Street, Hempstead, NY
    Toll free hotline: 1-800-818-3201
  • Plumbing Supply
    994 E 20th Street, Chico, CA
    Toll free hotline: 530-891-6428
  • Plumber Surplus
    P.O Box 4786 Riverside, CA
    Toll free hotline: 1-888-859-2080

A well-supported plumbing system is quieter and lasts longer. With the wide range of plumbing clamps sold in the market, it is easier to prevent annoying sounds and plumbing problems that result from poorly structured plumbing systems.

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